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When’s the Last Time You Had Your Well Tested?

Did you know arsenic has been detected in nearly every county in the state of Wisconsin? According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Bureau of Drinking Water & Groundwater, several counties have water wells with arsenic levels exceeding the arsenic drinking water standard of 10 parts per billion (ppb). When’s the last time you had your well water tested? The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recommends annual water testing to ensure your Waukesha, WI well water is safe for drinking. Pollutants often change, the majority of which cannot be smelled or seen by the naked eye. Culligan of Waukesha’s silver water test includes arsenic, nitrates, lead, and bacteria analysis from a state-certified laboratory for one low annual fee!

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Why You Should Have Your Well Water Tested Annually

Arsenic is a naturally-occurring pollutant in Wisconsin’s bedrock and soil. Over time, it is released into our water. Contaminants may also enter a well water system from sewer or septic system overflows, manufacturing processes, and local land-use practices, including the use of fertilizers and pesticides. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified arsenic ingestion as a leading cause of cancer and other severe health complications. Regardless of previous test results, the Department of Natural Resources recommends retesting your well water every year because arsenic concentrations can change over time. The suggested limit is 10 ppb, but any arsenic exposure can create a health risk. If you have small children, seniors, pregnant women, or other high-risk groups on your property, you may need to test your water quality levels more often. Noticeable changes in your water’s color, odor, or taste should be tested immediately, although these aren’t always a cause for concern.

Rely on Culligan of Waukesha for Safe Water

As much as 15% of the U.S. population relies on well water for consumption. However, the EPA’s Safe Water Drinking Act only regulates public drinking water systems and not private well drinking water systems. It’s up to individual well owners in Wisconsin to ensure the safety of their private wells. Culligan of Waukesha can test over 200 known contaminants to make sure you have the cleanest, safest drinking water possible. Have your local Culligan® consultant test your well water and create an individualized solution for your home or business today!

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