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Have you recently moved into a home within the last six months? Please contact us directly to request a new home owner evaluation!

             Culligan man testing water

When you invite us to your home, we will:

  • Inspect and check your current water softening system, water filters (if present) and drinking water. If needed, the basic adjustments to the timer and regeneration times will be made to the softener, regardless of the softener brand.
  • Check the water throughout your home to assure you of soft water.
  • Test the water looking for hardness, iron, and chlorine.
  • Check the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of your drinking water and explain the potential contaminants.
  • If you are on city water, we will discuss your community’s water report.
  • Give you a case of FREE water to compare our water towards your current drinking water!
  • We will make sure you feel comfortable about the water your family will be using and drinking for years to come.

Call, Culligan Water Waukesha, today to set up an appointment in your home and a free case of Clean, Crisp, Safe, Culligan water will be delivered at the appointment time.

262-586-6757      Contact Us

Must be new resident in home within past six months, must be within Culligan Water of Waukesha’s territory to qualify for the, “Welcome to the Culligan Neighborhood Specials.”

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