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Convenient water cooler and delivery solutions customized for how your business hydrates. It’s easy to bring fresh, better-tasting water to your office, break room, or franchise locations with simple, efficient drinking water solutions from Culligan. Large or small, we’re your water resource.


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Clean, Safe, Crisp Water for your Workplace!

Culligan Water of Waukesha starts with a conversation evaluating what your individual business needs for safe, clean, and affordable drinking water. We will test for contaminants, evaluate the break room, fix water problems, and work with you on finding a solution within your budget to provide, safe, clean drinking water to your employees and customers. We can create the ultimate break room set up with premium reverse osmosis water, filtered coffee, chewable ice, and sparkling water on demand!

Discover the Numerous Benefits of Drinking Pure, Safe Culligan Water!

Not only is clean water a convenient way to stay hydrated while at work, it also offers other benefits, including:


Many people prefer the taste of Culligan water over tap water due to the intense purification process it undergoes. You may notice less of a mineral or metallic taste when you drink Culligan water, especially if you’re sensitive to taste or smell. Some bottled waters also contain additional natural flavoring and ingredients, including electrolytes.

Pure Water

Thanks to a heavily regulated purification process, Culligan water is water in its purest form.  Culligan water is free of chemicals and bacteria and is safe to drink. Even if you invest in a water filter, some natural contaminants may return to your water supply over time.

Steady Supply

You won’t ever have to worry about running out of Culligan water again, either you opt for our convenient and scheduled bottle water delivery that keeps you in a steady supply with weekly or monthly services, or you go for one of our UNLIMITED Bottle Free Point of use coolers!

Easy to Store

Bottled water doesn’t expire, so you can store it in a safe place in your home or office for use in emergencies (after a storm or natural disaster knocks out the utilities).


Getting five-gallon bottles delivered to your home or office uses less plastic than individual bottled waters to reduce your impact on the environment. Getting a point of use Bottle Free Cooler is super earth friendly, and doesn’t rely on a delivery truck!

Contact Culligan of Waukesha

1801 Pewaukee Rd, Waukesha, WI 53188 | 262-586-7006

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