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Water Delivery to Your Door Without the Hassle of Hauling It

Would you love to enjoy the refreshing taste of bottled water in your home or office without having to haul it around all over town? Let Culligan of Waukesha deliver bottled water directly to your door. We have it available in cases of 16-ounce bottles or refillable five-gallon bottles to reduce your environmental impact. You’ll always have everything you need to appreciate safe, clean drinking water when you set up a convenient delivery schedule with our team.

Water Softener Salt Delivery to Your Wisconsin Home or Office

If you’ve invested in a Culligan® water softener system, you won’t have to worry about replacing its salt when you rely on our delivery services. We’ll ensure your water softener salt comes to you whenever your system needs it with automatic deliveries. You don’t have to schedule yourself any reminders, as that’s what we’re here for with our efficient, regularly-scheduled in-home delivery services. You also won’t have to do any heavy lifting or worry about which type of salt is best for your system. Be sure to ask about our Privilege Program, which includes a free maintenance check along with each delivery visit. It’s all part of Culligan’s commitment to ensuring our customers’ satisfaction with our first-rate products and services.

Contact Culligan of Waukesha

1801 Pewaukee Rd, Waukesha, WI 53188 | 262-586-7006

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